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External Re-decorating of doors window frames fall pipes and guttering etc.

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The information and data provided herein shall not be duplicated, disclosed or disseminated by the recipient in whole or in part for any purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission from Magic Painting & Decorating.

Staff Information Sheet
The following method statement has been developed to provide a safe system of work and must be adhered to at all times, any significant deviation from this system must first be authorised by your manager or safety representative. Please read the entire sheet before beginning, if you have any questions please contact your manager or safety representative.

The main hazards to your safety and health are;

a) Injury from slips trips and falls.
b) Injury falling from step ladders
c) Falls from height
d) Injury from Manual Handling
e) Fire from hot stripping
f) Injury to tenants & members of the public.

Preventative Measures you must take;

a) You must be “competent” to carry out the task.
b) Warning signs must be placed at the entrance to the building and work area
c) Visitors and other members of staff are prohibited from entry unless accompanied by competent person, all visitors issued with personal protective equipment
d) You must read and be familiar with the COSHH Safety Data Sheets for paint and paint stripper
e) You must be competent to work at height
f) You must keep a fire extinguisher nearby during works
g) You must follow all directions given by the project manager or his agents

Personal Protective Equipment you must wear;

a) Overalls
b) Gloves
c) Safety boots
d) Safety Glasses
Environmental Protection Measures you must take;
You must dispose of waste and spoil to the designated area or skip provided for waste.

Quality Control

a) Adhere strictly to the following procedure to ensure quality of service
b) If in doubt contact your manager for clarification before proceeding.
Staff & Training
The projects will be carried out by owner from Magic Painting & Decorating. All members of staff are experienced and hold the following qualifications; Master Craftsman, NVQ L2 Decorative Finishing and Industrial Painting. A site will be appointed to each contract who will be responsible for quality and safety.
All site workers will wear Safety boots, and protective clothing at all times, other items of PPE such as eye protection and gloves are available to be worn as and when necessary.
Preparation & Induction

All members of staff required to work on any contract will be given copies of risk assessments and method statements, any queries or concerns will be raised with the contract manager who will ensure it is dealt with. Staff will be inducted onto each site by the principal contractor or contract manager, and will follow all site rules and safety procedures.

First Aid
It is the responsibility of the company to ensure adequate first aid provision for its staff. Adequate means provision of a trained first aider, suitable first aid equipment and/or the provision of an appointed person at the minimum.
An Appointed Person is a person provided by the employer to take charge of the situation (e.g. to call an ambulance) if a serious injury/illness occurs in the absence of a first aider. The Appointed Person can render emergency first aid if trained to do so.
Site Access and Egress
The principal contractor is responsible for providing safe access and egress to the site, Magic Painting & Decorating staff will ensure safe access and egress is maintained for themselves and other contractors in the area they are working in, good standards of housekeeping will be maintained.

Materials Handling
All materials required for site will be unloaded to a designated unloading and storage area which will be away from the work area as far as is practicable. This area will be kept tidy to minimise trip hazards. Materials as and when required will be collected from the storage area to the work area. All staff will take care when handling materials.

Manual Handling
All staff and contractors have been instructed on the potential dangers of manual handling, and have received manual handling training. Staff and contractors will not lift items of tools or equipment beyond their capabilities. Heavy or awkward items will be broken down into smaller units or dual lifted where this is not possible. It is the responsibility of the site foreman to identify and control potentially dangerous manual handling situations as they occur on site on a day to day basis.

Working from Ladders & Step Ladders
All staff have been made aware of the dangers of working from step ladders and have been instructed on the safe use of ladders. Staff are required to read and understand HSE leaflet INDG402 the Safe use of Ladders & Stepladders. Only competent members of staff will be allowed to work from step ladders and it is the responsibility of the site foreman to ensure conditions are safe before allowing any ladder work to take place.
Ladders shall only be used for light work of short duration or otherwise as a means of access to scaffolding; ladders will be tied off at the top to prevent slippage

Working at height

Falls from height remain the single biggest cause of death in the construction industry.
All employees have been made aware of the dangers and consequences of falling from height, all working at height will be properly planned, organised and supervised; only competent members of staff will be allowed to work at height and it is the responsibility of the site foreman to ensure conditions are safe before allowing any work at height to take place. The foreman will carry out a risk assessment before carrying out work at height and put in place equipment and measures to prevent falls occurring.
Where he can not eliminate the risk of a fall he will put in place measures and equipment to minimise the distance and consequences of a fall, should one occur.
All company equipment will be inspected on a regular basis and any damaged equipment will be withdrawn from service immediately.
Scaffold & Access to height
Scaffold will be provided and erected by an approved contractor; the top level of scaffold will stop approx 2 feet from the working level to allow access to the items to be worked on, the hand rail will extend a minimum 1 metre above the work level. All work will be carried out from the scaffold; Magic Painting & Decorating will ensure a handover certificate is received from the contractor prior to allowing access to the scaffold. During the works access to the scaffold will be via ladder which will be tied off at the top, ladders will be removed or boarded off at the end of each shift to prevent unauthorised access. Damaged or unsuitable ladders will be removed from site immediately
Contractor/Visitor Safety
Magic Painting & Decorating will liaise with other contractor’s staff on a day to day basis and ensure they are aware of the risks present during the works. Staff and contractors will not leave any area of work in a dangerous condition or with risks to themselves, other contractors, tenants, or visitors, all tools and equipment will be cleared to secure storage at the completion of each shift. Scaffold, ladders and any other access to height will be made inaccessible.
Tenant safety & protection of tenant’s goods and décor
It is the responsibility of the principal contractor to advise tenants of works to be carried out, Magic Painting & Decorating staff will liaise with the principal contractor and tenants on a daily basis to ensure safe operation. Extra care will be taken when children are present, the site foreman will be responsible for ensuring the safety of tenants, visitors and members of the public.
Where properties are occupied Staff will ensure tenants goods and décor will be protected with adequate dust sheets and/or plastic sheeting.
Further Information
HSE Guidance Free downloads


Work at Height a Guide to the Regulations
Height safe Information leaflet
Indg402 Safe Use of Ladders Steps
Indg405 Top Tips Ladders
Cis49 Construction Info Sheet Scaffold & Ladders

Painting – Surface preparation
1) Put on your personal protective equipment
2) Cover floor area and any furniture to prevent damage
3) Prepare surfaces to be painted by sanding/stripping and cleaning
4) If using chemical stripping agents such as Nitromors, you must read and understand the safety data sheet for the product you are using
5) Electric hot air stripping tools will be PAT tested on an annual basis and checked for defects on a daily basis, damaged or defective tools will be removed from service immediately
6) Electric hot air strippers can get extremely hot and therefore create a fire risk, ensure a suitable fire extinguisher is at hand during hot work.
7) N.B. Chemical cleaners and work tools such as hot air strippers will not be left unattended in residential properties, this is especially important where children are present
8) Make sure any extension leads are kept tidy and do not cause a trip hazard

Gloss Painting – Application
1) Put on your personal protective equipment
2) Cover floor area and any furniture etc with dust sheets to prevent paint splashes
3) Ensure suitable ventilation when using oil based paints
4) When working from stepladders the company working at height procedure must be followed.
5) Smoking is not allowed in client properties
6) Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from dirt, grease, and oil
7) Do not leave paints open and unattended at any time
8) Apply undercoat and allow to dry, do not apply too much and watch for runs etc.
9) Check undercoat for correct adhesion to surface and wipe down if necessary
10) Apply gloss finish coat and allow to dry

Emulsion Painting – Application
1) Put on your personal protective equipment
2) Cover floor area and any furniture etc with dust sheets to prevent paint splashes
3) Clean down surface to be painted using proprietary cleaner as per instructions above
4) Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from dirt, grease, and oil
5) When working from stepladders the company working at height procedure must be followed.
6) Prepare paint for application. i.e. mixing etc
7) Apply emulsion paint with brush or roller and allow to dry, do not apply too much and watch for runs etc
8) Check first coat for correct coverage
9) Apply second coat where necessary and allow to dry

Cleaning and Handover
1) The area will be cleaned prior to handover; all waste and debris will be removed to the designated waste area.
2) The site manager will check all work prior to handover
3) Handover to client
Care of equipment
1) All items must be thoroughly cleaned in either water or the relevant solvent at the end of each shift
2) Items such as brushes and rollers should be air dried and stored
3) Wash buckets, wipe inside and out and store upside down
4) All items should be stored out of reach of tenants and children



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